Landscape Trees

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Landscape Trees

Each spring and fall we dig balled & burlap (b&b) trees on the farm for landscape planting. We typically dig Norway spruce, blue spruce and Canaan fir, all in the 4-8 foot range (sometimes slightly bigger). Trees are priced by the foot, generally around $30 per foot depending on the species (on occasion we have some lower priced “park grade” trees as well). Please note we are strictly a retailer seller — we do not offer any wholesale b&b pricing.


Please give us a call at 440-729-1019 or e-mail with questions or to reserve your trees for the spring — they go fast every year so get in touch soon! We can arrange for delivery and planting for an additional fee as well – just ask!

We sell live b&b trees at Christmas time too! Visit our Live Balled Trees page for more information.

Tips for planting and post-planting care for b&b landscape trees:

  • Choose a site that has ample sun light at least half the day, with adequate drainage.
  • Dig a hole approximately 1.5x the diameter of the root ball and slightly shallower than the depth of the root ball so that the top of the root ball will be above ground level.
  • After the tree is placed in the hole, untie and remove all twine, cut the top portion of the burlap off the root ball and discard.
  • Firmly back fill around the root ball with good quality soil, pushing in around the root ball to remove any air space or voids around the root system. Make sure the tree is straight and stable.
  • Spread top of the back fill area with good quality mulch, approximately 2” deep. Keep mulch away from the trunk of the tree and avoid “volcano mulching” which can damage the roots of the tree.
  • Water tree (preferably with a sprinkler, rather than directly with a hose, to avoid runoff), for approximately 1 hour, once every week if no rain.
  • Fertilize with a good quality fertilizer at some point during the spring growing season (we recommend Holly-Tone organic granular fertilizer).