Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow people to come out to the farm before you open for the season to “tag” their tree, and then come back to cut it down during the season? Even if we pay for it ahead of time, or pay a premium for it?

Sorry, but we do not allow tagging of trees before we open for the season, even if paid for in advance. The weeks leading up to our season are extremely busy for us, and we simply do not have the staffing to meet everyone in advance who wants to do this. And, we don’t really have any way to keep people from cutting someone else’s tree down, even if it’s marked sold (which definitely does happen on other farms that allow this from what we understand). So, we appreciate your understanding.

Do we need to bring our own saw or other equipment?

No, we provide everything you need! We will provide you with a saw, a sled or cart for hauling your tree, and twine for tying it onto your vehicle.

Can we bring our own chainsaw?

No, we do not allow power saws. You are welcome to bring your own hand saw, or use one of ours.

Will someone be able to help me with cutting my tree down?

In general, we expect our customers to come prepared to cut their own tree down. For those who do not wish to cut their own we have a great selection of fresh pre-cut trees in the barn. For those who really want to cut their own but are unable to do so due to physical limitations one of our staff members will happily assist you!

Will someone tie my tree down to my vehicle for me?

In general, we ask that customers tie their own trees down if they are able. If you need assistance please ask anyone in a red vest to help!

Do you wrap/bale the tree for us so we can get it home?

Yes, our staff will help you to get your tree all ready to take home. We will shake the tree on our tree shaker to remove any loose needles, cut off any bottom branches you would like removed, provide a fresh straight cut if needed and bale the tree for you so it’s easy to get home and into your house.

Do you drill the hole in the bottom of the tree so it will work with my stand?

Yes, we can drill the hole for you if you have the type of stand that requires it – just ask!

What do I do with my tree once I get it home? How should I care for it?

The most important thing you can do to maintain a fresh tree throughout the holiday season is ensure it always has adequate water in the stand. And, if you don’t put the tree up the day you get it from the farm be sure to put a fresh cut on the bottom before putting it in the stand. Click here for more information about proper cut tree care.

Do you allow dogs on the farm? WHY NOT?

Sorry, we do not allow dogs at the farm (other than service animals) to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our visitors. We know this is confusing to some people… it’s a farm after all! My dog is friendly, I will keep him on a leash… why can’t we bring him? He’s part of the family! We understand. We love dogs too! But… we have found over the years that not everyone loves dogs, in fact some children (and adults) are very afraid of them. We want all of our customers to have an enjoyable time, and an unwanted encounter with a dog can ruin someone else’s visit to the farm. And, not all dogs get along with other dogs. A dog fight is a sure way to ruin an outing to the farm! So, we respectfully ask that you leave them at home. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We accept Apple Pay as well.

How are your trees priced?

We measure and price every tree for sale ahead of time. The type of tree, height and price are clearly marked on the red tag on each tree. The “out-the-door” on the price on the tag includes sales tax, shaking, baling and drilling (if needed). When measuring the tree we typically measure to a few inches below the very top of the leader (where you put the tree topper). Each tree is graded based on its quality. In general, most trees up to 8′ tall are priced from $10-13/foot, but pricing can be slightly adjusted based on the quality of the tree.  Trees from 8-10′ tall are priced slightly higher ($14-15/ft).  Please inquire about pricing for trees over 10’ tall.

Is the farm handicapped/stroller accessible?

Yes and no. We have parking spots reserved for handicapped visitors by the tree barn. The barn and parking lots are wheelchair accessible, although can be muddy and uneven terrain depending on the weather. We do not recommend entering our cut-your-own fields in a wheelchair or with a stroller due to holes in the ground and other possible obstacles. We do have several golf carts on the property, and will do our best to help anyone who needs assistance to get around the property. Please just ask anyone on our staff for assistance.

How long does it take to grow a Christmas tree?

It varies, but in general they grow about a foot a year, so it takes 7-8 years to grow the average sized Christmas tree. Weather has a great deal to do with it from year to year though, so a tree can be ready to harvest in as little as four years, or in the case of some species, can take up to 10 years.

What do you do all year long on a Christmas tree farm?

A Christmas tree farm is a busy place year-round! In January and February we are busy wrapping up our season, completing accounting records and taxes, equipment maintenance and of course plowing snow! March has us gearing up for planting as our little saplings arrive at the end of the month. We will check each one by hand, root prune if needed, and start to get tractors and other equipment ready. In the spring we will typically plant about 3,000 trees and begin scouting for pests and disease so we can be proactive about addressing any problems. Spring is also maple syrup season so we can often be found in the woods or the sugar house making the sweet stuff! Summer is filled with trimming (every tree in the plantation – about 25,000 in total -will be trimmed) and endless mowing. In the fall we turn our attention to preparing for our upcoming season. A great deal goes into that including measuring & tagging trees, setting up parking, signage, retail items, etc., scheduling staff (we employ over 30 people during the season), marketing and a myriad of other activities. The day after Thanksgiving through Christmas we welcome you to our farm!