All information on this page reflects what was available at the beginning of the season. Please check the home page for updated tree inventory.

Check out our extensive selection of fresh pre-cut trees in the front barn, and while you’re there don’t miss seeing the area’s only tree monorail!

In general, prices vary depending on the type of tree, height, and quality. Most trees up to 10 feet tall are priced from $8 to $10 per foot, but may be adjusted up or down slightly to account for the quality of the tree. All of our trees are clearly marked with a tag that reflects the base price of the tree, plus shaking, drilling (if necessary) and baling (or netting), plus sales tax. So, to keep it simple, the price on the tag is the total “out-the-door” price. Please inquire about pricing and availability of trees over 10 feet tall.


Fraser Fir

  • Spectacular trees from 5 to 12 feet! Canaan firs (which are very similar) will also be available up to 15 feet.
  • Dark blue to green colored with distinct bluish/silverish color on underside of the needles
  • Soft to the touch, easy to decorate
  • Very pleasant balsam fragrance
  • Excellent needle retention


Douglas Fir

  • Fine, soft green needles
  • Distinctive pine-like scent
  • Easy to decorate
  • Good needle retention


Concolor Fir

  • Lighter green to silver blue coloring
  • Unique citrus aroma when needles are rubbed
  • Soft, short, narrow needles
  • Easy to decorate, strong branches
  • Excellent needle retention



Blue Spruce

  • Known for its radiant powdery blue to dark blue coloring
  • Strong, stiff branches good for heavy ornaments
  • Very symmetrical form
  • Sharp needles so not as desirable for young children to decorate
  • Good needle retention



White Pine

  • Full, fluffy looking
  • Long (2 to 5 inches), soft, flexible needles
  • Bright green
  • Easy to decorate, but not good for heavy ornaments
  • Very good needle retention



Scotch Pine

  • Beautiful, bright green needles
  • Stiff branches, easy to decorate
  • Excellent needle retention